England need momentum change says collingwood team boss

England need momentum change says collingwood team boss

„We’ve got a very young list of players who have been going through some of the changes with the club over the past couple of years and they are really enjoying their time at Collingwood.

„It’s been difficult for a lot of players but we need them to be fit to face the best players and not just get in at the top to take over for someone else.

„As soon as they’re fit and feeling really comfortable 바카라we’ll be in a good spot and we’ll start talking about who we’ll bring in to provide some speed and power to our defence.”

Lions’ midfielders were also asked if the Lions were going to jarvees.comtry and sign young players they’re currently on the trade block.

„Not at the moment. I think it would take a bit longer than we want to wait for the market to come back to life,” D’Ambrosio replied.

„We’ve got a number of players that we are interested in and they’re all young guys.”

The Lions are currently 17th at the current time in the Western Bulldogs’ AFL table and D’Ambrosio says the group’s focus should be „on the next six weeks”.

„We’ve done a job by keeping this group together and in the coming 더킹카지노weeks we will begin to take a closer look,” he said.

„We’ve lost some of the depth from our forward line as you would expect, but it’s the team that’s really the key to the success of this club.”

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